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    Wujiang New Sunlion Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Committed to the development, production and
    service of fine chemicals


    New Sunlion Chemical

    Enterprise mission: dedication to quality customer, in return for shareholders, to motivate employees, to manage the value of international competition.

    Enterprise spirit: our wills unite like a fortress. A big industry, plastic triple be strict in one's demands.

    Quality management: continuous improvement and improve product quality, stable to provide customers with satisfactory products, is triple the eternal pursuit of the people.

    Management philosophy: triple is enterprise, triple is my home, triple, triple stage school.

    Team spirit: learning, innovation, unity, fraternity, pragmatic endeavour.

    Employee idea: companies have employees, there are benefits have interests, will pay a return.

    Employee oath: I is triple people, I am loyal to enterprise, dedication, truth-seeking, innovative; I abide by the law, efforts to forge ahead, to the overall situation, to maintain the image.

    Enterprise slogan: create learning, harmonious development

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