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    Wujiang New Sunlion Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Committed to the development, production and
    service of fine chemicals


    New Sunlion Chemical

    It is the consistent standpoint of New Sunlion Chemical that the most important resources of the world are human beings and the natural environment they rely on for their existence. The Company has all along regarded it as one of its most important tasks to safeguard its staff’s health, take precautions against accidents and protect the environment.

    Policies, regulations and standards have been mapped out with regard to health, safety and environment so as to implement allotted responsibilities in these connections; Health, safety and environment are regarded as major management factors to be included in all production and business activities of the company

    Replace the traditional and separated unit operation by intelligent production line gradually through the continuous technology development and innovation

    Provide the friendly and healthy working environment for the employees

    Protect the natural environment when we create value for the society

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